SF6 Gas

Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6 Processing

Cooper’s Environmental is committed to the safe management of SF6 degassing. SF6 is an inert, colourless and heavy gas with properties that make it ideal for use in many industrial applications. Due to its high dielectric strength and thermal stability, SF6 is used as an insulator in middle and high circuit breakers, switch gears, and other electrical equipment. However, these properties also make it the gas with the most greenhouse effect being about 22000 times more than CO2. For this reason it must be handled properly and contained within the required limits.

We have extensive experience in handling SF6 gas and understand all the personal and environmental risks associated with it’s handling. Our core objective is to ensure the job is done safely, professionally, and efficiently. We are fully licensed and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

Cooper’s Environmental is able to de-gas, wash and dispose of SF6 gas-filled units.

Degassing of SF6-Fitted Equipment

We safely decommission and extract SF6 gases from circuit breakers, cylinders and switches. The gas is recycled safely to ensure it does not impact the environment. That’s why at Cooper's Environmental we ensure it’s done in the right way.

Safe Recycling of SF6

Coopers Environmental makes sure that all SF6 gasses are recycled appropriately. We provide SF6 management services to facilitate the proper recovery of SF6 gas.

When it comes to disposal of SF6, it’s necessary to involve a professional and knowledgeable partner to manage the process and eliminate the risks of the hazardous waste. At Cooper's Environmental, we provide environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for disposing SF6 gas and equipment.