Advisory Services

Cooper’s Environmental is a provider of waste management services for PCB disposal & treatment, transformer removal & disposal and SF6 gas recycling. Our long-standing experience in environmental waste management means that we possess a comprehensive understanding of the technical and practical issues at hand. As a result we are able to provide tailored advice to a wide range of clients including waste producers, waste regulators and investors in the waste management industry.


Our Advisory Services Encompass:

Waste Technology Advice
Waste Regulatory Considerations
Waste Logistics & Routing
Waste & Wastewater Management
Liability Assessment
Environmental Monitoring

Advice built on experience

Businesses and communities are exploring solutions to effectively manage waste. Cooper’s Environmental provides comprehensive waste management advisory services to help in the efforts to have a sustainable and clean environment for future generations.

Reliable Solutions

We offer companies practical advice on PCB disposal & treatment, transformer removal & disposal and SF6 gas recycling. Our expertise in waste management enables us to provide environmentally sustainable and financially responsible solutions. We assess every situation to provide a customised waste management service to meet regulatory, environmental and industrial standards.

No Fuss Advisory Services

Cooper’s Environment is committed to providing no fuss advisory services focussing on client requirements. We then provide practical advice on efficient and cost-effective methods of waste management. At Cooper’s we are independent of financial, construction, technology, and operational interests, and always maintains objectivity when making recommendations.

Regulatory Compliance

Cooper’s Environmental stays up-to-date with environmental waste management regulations and standards and can advise clients accordingly. We also aid clients in the navigation through different regulatory approval processes required for waste management activity.

Need advice?
Here at Cooper’s Environmental, we provide advice tailored to you