PCB Disposal & Treatment

PCB Decontamination

PCB chemicals are highly hazardous and a threat to the environment as well as human health. The dangers and long-term consequences brought about by these compounds can be prevented through proper disposal and treatment. At Cooper’s Environmental, we use the right procedures for decontaminating electrical plants and disposing of PCB-contaminated electrical equipment in a manner that is safe and harmless to humans and the environment. Our clients include industrial, commercial, and institutional organisations, among others.

Experienced Personnel

Due to the hazardous nature of PCB chemicals, the disposal of PCB contaminated waste requires experience and the right professional capacities. We have highly trained personnel who specialise in PCB waste management and have years of experience in handling hazardous substances.

Safe Transportation

We use leak-proof containers for transporting the equipment to accredited disposal facilities for temporary storage, recovery, and safe disposal of the PCB contaminated waste in accordance with EPA rules. We have been transporting hazardous substances for the past 20 years and have never had a single incident.

Effective PCB Treatment

We have the right capacity to provide safe and effective treatment solutions for both low-level PCB-contaminated oil and high-level PCB waste. We eliminate PCBs from electrical equipment and transformer oil.

How to use our PCB Decontamination Services

Once you contact us, we take care of everything; from safe collection, transportation and storage to treatment and disposal. We will examine the extent of contamination, come up with a decontamination plan, and execute the plan. We offer a cost-effective disposal program that is compliant with the applicable legal regulations, environmental standards and all occupational health and safety measures. We practice strict adherence to the national and international regulations in all our work. Upon disposal, we always provide Waste Disposal Certificates.

Cooper’s Environmental has over 20 years of experience in delivering PCB decontamination and disposal services that are timely, safe, and cost-effective.