Transformer Removal & Disposal

Our team comprises of expert and certified professionals who uphold all environmental and industrial regulatory standards.

Cooper’s Environmental specialises in the removal and disposal of transformers and other electrical equipment. Disposal of obsolete and failed transformers and other electrical equipment such as regulators, capacitors and breakers can be unsafe and a liability to an organisation. That’s why it’s essential to call a transformer removal specialist such as Cooper’s Environmental to do the job safely. Our company handles a variety of transformers, whether non-PCB or PCB contaminated transformers regardless of the level of contamination.

Cooper’s Environmental are able to dispose of old or damaged electrical equipment by removing for recycling, whether PCB contaminated or not. Cooper’s has its own lifting equipment and trained operators.

Safe Removal and Transportation of Transformers

Coopers Environmental safely removes and dismantles your retired or damaged transformer. We have up-to-date lifting equipment and specially designed vehicles with leak-proof containers for safe transportation of the hazardous substances. We understand the environmental and safety risks associated with such kinds of work, that’s why we have experienced professionals who ensure the work is done accordingly.

Disposal and Recycling of Transformers

Coopers Environmental ensures the transformers are disposed or recycled safely in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory obligations. Our disposal facilities are licensed by the EPA and have invested in the latest waste treatment technologies.

Safe Disposal of Transformer Oil

Transformer oil contaminates the environment if inappropriately disposed of or recycled, especially if it contains PCB. Therefore, you need a company that is licensed in transformer oil disposal and recycling in order to ensure environmental safety. At Cooper’s Environmental, we analytically test the oil to determine the level of PCB and then dispose or reclaim the oil accordingly

Certificate of Disposal

After the process is complete, we offer our clients a certificate of safe disposal as a proof
that the materials have been disposed of and recycled completely.

Need to uninstall and dispose of your retired transformers? Our professional staff will handle the job safely and efficiently, we will assess your project and provide a solution to suit your specific needs.