Emergency Response Services

Cooper’s Environmental provides a 24-hour emergency response service to manage environmental emergencies within the greater Sydney area.

We provide emergency response services to help businesses take action in a timely and efficient manner when it comes to waste management. For over 20 years, Cooper’s has offered 24/7 emergency response services, deploying personnel who are highly trained and experienced in handling emergency incidents. Our broad expertise and experience allows for fast response times while our managers coordinate with all the relevant agencies to limit liability and costs.

Rapid Response and Intervention

Our intervention team is always ready and prepared to respond to any waste emergency. We are fully equipped for the needs of each incident. Our intervention plans are conducted in accordance with legislative and environmental standards. We offer a completely integrated intervention, including clean-up, transportation and treatment or disposal, whether on the road or at your facility.

24/7 Emergency Phone Hotline

Unprecedented situations like emergency waste management can be challenging to handle and can cause havoc with unwanted downtime and costs. Cooper’s Environmental has an extensive network of personnel, facilities, and vehicles. We are fully equipped to provide efficient and reliable emergency waste disposal for a wide range of situations.

Hazardous Spill Response

In the event of an accidental release of hazardous materials, Cooper’s is fully qualified and equipped to handle the situation. We respond swiftly and efficiently to PCB emergencies to help contain hazardous waste and prevent damage to the environment.

Emergency Response Capabilities:

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste
Liquid and Solid Waste
Transportation Incidents
Disaster Incidents
PCB Disposal
Transformer Disposal

Need Emergency Response Services?

Contact us on 1300 791 977 to get help or advice to quickly and efficiently manage your waste emergency.